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Physicians and healthcare providers can greatly benefit from contract negotiations and reviews by an experienced attorney. These types of contracts can be lengthy and complicated, and they rarely put the physician’s best interests first. Before signing an employment agreement, physicians and healthcare providers should consult with an experienced healthcare contract lawyer.

Why Hire A Physician Contract Lawyer?

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are first and foremost a business. This means the terms they write in their contracts generally favor themselves. Agreeing to their terms without any negotiation could not only cost you potentially thousands or millions of dollars over the course of your career, but it could also have detrimental effects on your personal life.

At The Carolina Law Firm, we review physician contracts carefully so you understand the terms fully before signing. We can help you negotiate numerous aspects of your contract such as:

Base compensation

Sign on bonuses

Production incentives


Malpractice coverage

Paid vacation and sick days

Work hours, including on-call availability

Non-compete agreements

Most issues with a physician employment contract arise because the language in the contract is vague and unspecific. When you work with an experienced physician contract lawyer, we will clearly outline all of your terms, therefore making them enforceable. Without the vigilant work of an attorney, physicians could sign contacts that are extremely detrimental to their careers. Physicians could not only receive lower compensation and inflexible hours, but the terms could prevent the physician from leaving the job and/or finding another job in future.

Successful Negotiation Experience

With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we are familiar with pay structures, student loan repayment, and other complex clauses often found in healthcare worker contracts. We can negotiate to ensure you get the most favorable terms and address any missing or unfair clauses.

Contact Our Physician Contract Attorneys

Before signing any employment contract, contact the physician contract attorneys at The Carolina Law Firm today. We can review your contract and make sure you are protecting yourself from unfair terms. If the contract you have been given isn’t fair, we can negotiate on your behalf. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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