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Medical professional are not immune to the same kinds of contract disputes faced by other professionals. Contract disputes in the healthcare industry can be particularly complicated because doctors not only owe a duty of loyalty to their employers, but they also owe a duty of care to their patients. Taking action on contract disputes without the help of an experienced healthcare attorney can put you in extreme jeopardy. By consulting with an attorney, you can achieve an agreeable resolution without violating any of the terms of your contract.

Common Types of Contract Disputes

There are a number of common contract disputes in the healthcare industry. Physicians often face disputes when there is a conflict between treating patients and financial incentives from employers. As a doctor, you shouldn’t have to worry about the business side of things, but many employers impose restrictions and protocols that might not be best for patients. When this happens, working with a medical contract lawyer can help resolve these issues so you can provide the best patient care possible. Physicians can also experience contract disputes over contractual provisions limiting a doctor’s right to exercise independent judgment.

Disputes can also arise when there are partnership disputes in a medical practice. Partners can have contractual disputes over how expenses and profits are distributed, how to sell one’s interest in the practice, how the practice will operate, and how the practice will be dissolved, among other issues.

Contract disputes can also involve very simple violations of an employment contract. If an employer violates the terms of your contract regarding the number of hours worked, bonuses, compensation, or any other provision in your employment contract, disputes can quickly snowball out of control.

Why Choose The Carolina Law Firm?

Doctors should be able to focus on treating their patients, but when contract disputes arise, it can be difficult for doctors to fulfill their duties. At The Carolina Law Firm, our experienced medical professional contract dispute lawyers can review your contract and determine the best course of action to resolve disputes in order to protect your interests while ensuring you don’t breach your employment contract. If you are facing any kind of medical professional contract dispute, do not wait to call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.

At The Carolina Law Firm, our healthcare litigation attorney is truly looking out for your best interest and is committed to finding you the best resolution.

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