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For physicians, leaving a medical practice is much more complicated than putting in two weeks’ notice. Employment contracts for doctors include specific guidelines for when a doctor can leave employment and the process they must follow to do so. Failing to follow the terms of your employment contact when exiting a medical practice could put you at the center of an expensive and lengthy breach of contract lawsuit. To avoid unnecessary litigation, an experienced healthcare lawyer at The Carolina Law Firm can advise you on an exit strategy.

When considering leaving a medical practice, you need to be aware of any restrictive covenants in your employment contract. It is incredibly common for such covenants to restrict doctors from working in particular geographic locations for a time period after leaving the practice. Failing to abide by restrictive covenants is one of the most common causes of lawsuits for medical professionals, so it is incredibly important to understand your contractual obligations.

Physicians are also required to notify patients of plans to change employment, but some employment contracts give employers the exclusive right to notify patients. Because there are medical and ethical considerations involved in notifying patients about your departure, in addition to legal considerations, physicians should consult with an attorney to develop the best notification strategy.

After your departure, you may have to purchase “tail” malpractice insurance coverage to protect you from legal action taken after your departure. Some employers may provide this coverage, but others may not, and you don’t want to find yourself unprotected from a malpractice lawsuit. You may also have non-disclosure agreements that protect patient lists, procedures, techniques, and vendor contacts. Physicians that are not aware of these agreements could easily violate these agreements unknowingly, but this could have serious legal consequences.

Why Choose The Carolina Law Firm?

The Carolina Law Firm has extensive experience representing healthcare industry professionals and resolving physician contract disputes. This makes us uniquely qualified to review employment contacts and advise on the obligations and restrictions regarding your employment. When you work with us, you can be assured we will protect your interests so you can focus on your patients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.

The Carolina Law Firm can help you understand your obligations when exiting a medical practice and guide you through the process.

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